Elixinol CBD Oil Review

The History of the Elixinol Brand

Elixinol was founded a long time ago in 1991. The brand is one of the pioneer hemp products manufacturers in the Western World.

The intention of the founders was to produce health and wellness products that could help people to live happier, longer, and fuller lives.

The guy who founded the company goes by the name Paul Benhaim and he is still the CEO of its global operations.

There is nothing not to love about the way Elixinol goes about its business of sourcing hemp, extracting important ingredients, developing products, and testing them for contaminants before packaging and distribution.

The brand is based in the state of Colorado in the United States.

Elixinol maintains multiple country-specific online stores. There is a South African one complete with products in rand and a .co.za website. However, you are better off shopping on the main international store because it has got a wider variety of products at cheaper prices.

What makes Elixinol stand out as a brand?

  • The company has a long history of producing quality products
  • Elixinol uses super-critical extraction technology that maintains the integrity and maximum potency of extracted hemp ingredients
  • It makes THC-free hemp oil, which is 100% legal in the whole of South Africa
  • Products are sourced from vetted hemp farmers in Australia, Europe, and the USA to guarantee quality
  • Each Elixinol product is developed using lab-grade equipment by leading industry experts to ensure that customers are getting pharmaceutical-grade CBD oils
  • World class customer experience; the company has one of the best customer care departments, which is why you won’t run into many dissatisfied Elixinol customers either online or offline
  • The company has a money back guarantee; they will refund you in case you are not pleased with one of their products
  • Elixinol gives 5% of its revenues to multiple foundations including the American Brain Tumor Foundation, and the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Provides a certificate of chemical analysis on every product
  • Products are priced affordably

What some people don’t like about the company

  • No South African contact numbers on the website
  • No calculation of import taxes at checkout
  • Does not indicate what the products are specifically good for (However, this is more of a legal thing as CBD oil is not officially a medicine and a company cannot claim it treats a certain condition or conditions as those claims have not been proven by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority; the body charged with the mandate of approving medicines in the country)

Four of the best products from the brand

Elixinol carries a wide variety of hemp and cannabis oils. The products include the convenient CBD capsules, Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes, oral applicators, tinctures, hemp protein, and hemp dog treats. Below are some of the best products from the brand.


Elixinol Respira Hemp Oil Natural Flavor (Price $40)

This is a 300 mg concentration CBD supplement in a 15 ml solution

The most interesting thing about this product is the fact that it is full-spectrum; meaning it has the full range of useful compounds found in the hemp plant.  This makes it versatile and good enough for dealing with most conditions that cannabidiol is known to effectively deal with.

The 300 mg cannabidiol solution is infused in vegetable glycerin for easy administration.

Every Respira bottle is tested for contaminants to ensure it is clean before distribution.

Respira can be used daily as a supplement for general wellbeing.

It does not contain the psychoactive THC.

Apart from the natural flavor, the grape and mint flavors are also available.

elixinol cbd hemp oil capsules

Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil Capsules (Price $80)

Capsules are the most convenient way to administer cannabidiol. They allow for the administration of just the right dose of CBD that your system needs to heal or balance itself for great health and happiness.

There are 60 capsules in every bottle and each capsule contains 15 mg of pure CBD. Just one capsule is enough for the day.

The cannabinoids (useful cannabis molecules) found in each capsule in this bottle include CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. This is in addition to other useful compounds found in hemp oil including terpenes, and phytocannabinoids.

The capsules are said to be perfect in regulating sleep, mood, pain, and appetite.

elixinol hemp oil drops natural flavor

Hemp Oil Drops Natural Flavor (Price $250)

This is the highest strength cannabis oil sold by Elixinol.

The oil contains 3600 mg of cannabidiol suspended in a 120 ml of coconut oil.

Every drop of this hemp oil contains all useful cannabinoids in addition to phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and other synergistic compounds. The compounds work in unison to provide maximum pain suppression and other benefits.

Each bottle has an easy-to-use dropper for the convenient administration of the hemp oil.

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes Citrus Twist (Price $130)

This is one of the most technologically advanced CBD oils.

The oil contains 1000 mg of cannabidiol suspended in 100 ml of pure hemp oil.

The cannabidiol is pre-dissolved and fixed into microscopic liposomes. This enhances the passage of cannabinoids through cell walls into your nervous system; making this oil more potent and effective.

The oil doesn’t taste bitter and it comes in a spill-proof bottle.

Does Elixinol ship to South Africa?

Yes, it does. It ships to all cities in South Africa including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, East London, and Bloemfontein.


Elixinol is a world leader in the manufacture of top-quality hemp oil products. Its products are perfect for managing pain and for the improvement of general wellbeing.

The manufacturer makes a good number of cannabidiol products in a variety of flavors. Most of the products are affordably priced. This is despite the fact that they are sourced from the best farmers, made by experts using lab-grade equipment, and tested to ensure purity and safety.

The brand ships to South Africa. So wherever, you are in the country, you can enjoy the benefits of their oils by ordering online via the links provided above.