CBD Oil In Durban – Where To Buy, Laws, and More

All you need to know about Durban

Durban is South Africa’s third city in terms of population. However, many Durbanites consider it to be the best place to live in in the entire country.

The city is lively and has so many places to see and things to do.

The uShaka Marine World theme park is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in the city. The futuristic Moses Mabhida Stadium is also worth a visit. You can view the entire city in its magnificence from the top of the stadium through arranged sky-car trips by the stadium management. The coast, the museums, the nature reserves, and the markets should also definitely feature on the itinerary of every visitor.

Even though much is known about Durban and its natural and manmade attractions, very little is known about its cannabis scene. In this page, we tell you the places where you can get quality cannabis and hemp oils in the city. We also tell you about the best international CBD manufacturers who ship products to South Africa.

Where to get pure Cannabidiol Oil in Durban

Store: Holistic Relief Wellness and Pain Management Center

Address: Old North Coast Road, Durban City, Kwa Zulu Natal

This is perhaps the most famous establishment selling cannabis and cannabis products.

Officially, the Holistic Relief Wellness and Pain Management Center is a medical cannabis dispensary. Many media reports call it the first cannabis dispensary in Africa but this information has not been authenticated by anyone.

The center has consultants including a homeopath, and a chiropractor and it carries multiple wellness products including cannabis oils and Ayurvedic oils. The consultants diagnose and recommend the right wellness product and dosage to be taken.

According to the operators of the center, all the oils given as treatment at the center are manufactured in the United States to ensure that they are of high-quality.

The operators have plans to start a café that will serve cannabis edibles and drinks. As of now, you can only acquire some oils at the center at relatively affordable prices.

The best thing about this center is that they specialize in dealing with pain and they have experts who will diagnose and recommend the right dosage and give you further instructions to help you heal completely.

Store: Cannabis Oil Therapy

Address: Ennisdale Drive, Durban North

This is one of the best locations to buy hemp oil in the north of the city.

This store is best known for its full-spectrum CBD oils. A full-spectrum oil is a cannabis oil with all the compounds included (except THC). Such oils are best for improving general well-being, enhancing mood, and promoting great health.

According to the information posted on the store’s social media site, all their oils are pesticide-free, solvent-free, and completely organic. This means you can consume the oils without being extremely worried about contamination.

The only problem with this store is that it is not really open about how it makes its products. This could provide us with additional information to help you decide whether or not to buy their oils.

Store: Hemporium (Green Surfer Durban)

Address: Milne Street, Durban Central

Hemporium is one of the premium companies making and distributing hemp products in the Republic.

The company makes all types of products including oils, clothes, bags, accessories, and cosmetics. The company also imports CBD hemp oils which it sells at its Cape Town store and at its affiliate Greener Surfer Store in Durban.

Some of the hemp products you can buy at both stores include hemp seed oil and hemp extract oils in multiple flavors.

Hemporium does not make its own hemp oils; it imports oils from renowned hemp oil brands such as Elixinol and Crede.

However, even though the Greener Surfer is one of the best stores to get cannabidiol oils in Durban, the prices of the oils are not exactly pocket-friendly.

Best International Vendors of CBD Oil delivering to the city

Some of the best international vendors of cannabis oils that ship their products to South Africa include Bluebird Botanicals, NuLeaf Naturals, Elixinol, and Lazarus Naturals. On this page, we will focus on the first two as they are the best brands.

Bluebird Botanicals

This brand has been around since 2012.

It is one of the leading American manufacturers of cannabidiol oil.

The brand has also been at the forefront in advocating for pro-hemp and pro-marijuana policies in the states.

The most important reason why you should choose Bluebird Botanicals is this; Bluebird focuses on quality rather than quantity. The company has quality control systems to ensure that each bottle of oil they sell is of high potency and great quality.

The company also tests each product to ensure that it is safe for human use.

Most cannabidiol oils sold by this manufacturer are sold at pocket-friendly prices.

Bluebird also has great customer service.

Lastly, and more importantly, the company was ranked as the best CBD Company in 2016 in a report by the Denver Post. This means it is a great company that leads on many fronts among its peers.

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf was founded in 2014.

It was founded by a group of experienced herbalists with the intention of creating a brand that could manufacture quality wellness products that can help people to live happier and longer lives.

The company is based in Denver, Colorado.

The company tightly manages the entire process of making hemp oils from the growing of the hemp plants to the harvesting and the extraction of hemp products to the packaging and final testing to ensure quality and safety.

All NuLeaf products are made in the USA using USA raw materials. All of the products are also pure and have no additives.

NuLeaf CBD oils are best known for their potency.

The prices are also relatively affordable.

Why CBD called “a wonder drug”?

The reason is simple; it effectively treats so many different types of conditions and ailments including pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. With regards to pain, the drug is known to be multiple times more effective than morphine, which itself is considered to be one of the most powerful painkillers.