CBD for Anxiety and Stress

It is estimates that about 40 million individuals suffer from anxiety in the United States. Stress is the prelude for heart attack or cancer. When a person is stressed, cancer cells are highly active. Undue stress precipitate heart attack in most cases. Ultimately, anxiety and stress can wreak havoc in the human body.

Anxiety is generally a naturally adaptive response by the body. It enables you to cope with threats or dangers that could harm you or your loved one. Basically, anxiety triggers flight or fight response that stops and identifies the potential or impending threat. This also compels a person to take action in order to improve or uplift the current situation.

The Social Discord

Despite being natural responses, stress and anxiety go haywire sometimes. This affects the human life negatively. Stress and anxiety can affect relationships and work negatively. Individuals with social anxiety disorder for instance experience social discord due to irrational fear. Such people fear being unaccepted by those around them. Nevertheless, CBD oil has been used to manage anxiety and stress level or even keep them away. And many patients have reported positive effects after using CBD for anxiety and stress.

How is Anxiety and Stress Conventionally Treated?

Conventionally, anxiety and stress are treated using different therapies and medication.

Common conventional treatments for anxiety and stress include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive therapy teaches the patient to retrain behavior and thoughts when faced with a situation that brings intense fears and anxiety.

Mindfulness acceptance

This is a therapy about being present in the current moment as well as relishing it as it is without being stressed by the past or being worried about the future.

Systematic de-sensitization

This technique attempts to break the existing link between the cause of anxiety and anxiety response. The patient is required to confront fear object gradually.


Meditation induces a relaxed mental state thereby enabling the patient to reduce fear, negative internal chatter, anxiousness, and feel calmer. Studies have shown that different meditation types help with anxiety reduction.


Anxiety disorders and stress can be treated with different medications. Common among them include mood stabilizers, tranquilizers, tricyclics, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, and benzodiazepines. It’s important to note that most conventional medications for anxiety and stress have undesirable side effects.

Why CBD is a Better Option for Many People with Anxiety

Studies are slowly validating the efficacy of CBD in treating stress and anxiety. Anxiety disorders are associated with huge financial and social costs. CBD shows the potential to treat a wide range of anxiety-related disorders.

What’s more, CBD has a favorable safety and efficacy profile especially when compared to conventional treatments for anxiety and stress. This makes it a viable alternative to the currently available medications.

Additionally, CBD can help with problems that relate to sleep, memory, appetite, and mood. It can also boost the immune system. Because getting enough, quality sleep is important for the treatment of anxiety and stress, CBD can be a great treatment for people with these conditions.

CBD can also help people with rare conditions. For instance, CBD can help individuals with Dravet syndrome. This is rare epilepsy that is mostly difficult to treat.
Other reasons why CBD is a better option for people with anxiety include:

• It is legal
• It does not show up in drug tests
• It is a natural compound
• It won’t make you feel funny
• It has been studied extensively and proven to have minimal side effects
• There are several ways to take CBD for anxiety and stress including topically, vaping, sublingually, and capsules
• It is affordable
• You can get it via the mail

How CBD Helps with Anxiety and Stress

CBD works by targeting the serotonin receptors. It causes an increase in serotonin levels within the synaptic space. This helps by putting the user in a good mood while decreasing panic attacks and anxiety. CBD uses these receptors to improve signaling.

A double blind study was conducted by Brazilian researchers on patients with social anxiety. During the study, patients that consumed CBD showed a significant reduction in anxiety. The subjective reports of the patients were validated by the researchers after scanning their brains and noticing patterns of cerebral blood flow that were consistent with anti-anxiety effect.

Another study put individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder through a public speaking simulation test. Subjects in this study reported a significant reduction in anxiety. The objective anxiety indicators that include blood pressure and heart rate supported the findings of this study.

A double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that CBD seems to modulate the brain regions that relate to response to stressful stimuli. In this study, CBD or placebo was administered in individuals with society anxiety disorder and brain imaging was used to examine them. The findings of this study showed a significant decrease in subjective anxiety in individuals that took CBD. The effects of CBD were noticed in the brain regions that process the defensive responses when faced by stressful stimuli.

The Mechanism

Scientists have proven that the human body produces cannabinoids naturally. These cannabinoids attach to some cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Cannabinoid receptors are found in different parts of the brain and the body. However, they are mostly found in parts that are associated with emotional state control including stress, fear, and irritability.
When cannabinoid receptors are successfully activated in the brain, they help control the natural flight or fight response by the body. And physiological responses happen when these receptors are activated. Such responses include changes in breathing patters, stabilization of the blood sugar level, reduction in blood pressure, and slow down of the heart rate.

CBD is a natural anti-anxiety compound. It is a cannabinoid that attaches to cannabinoid receptors just like the cannabinoids that the body produces naturally. As such, taking CBD causes a relaxed and at-ease feeling that brings about reduction in physiological stress demonstrations that hurt the body. Thus, regular use of CBD enables the body to maintain a balanced blood pressure, blood sugar level, and heart rate thereby promoting good health.
Generally, CBD has shown anti-anxiety effects and antidepressant action. These combined with the fact that it is a natural compound with no side effects makes it a preference for some people with anxiety and stress disorders.