Life – The Cultural Impact Of CBD

Dagga (cannabis) has been associated with crime for the longest time in SA. Arrests of people in possession of dagga were always publicized and individuals prosecuted in court.

However, the advent of CBD oils really changed things.

It is these tinctures that made people to research and realize that there is a difference between cannabis and the hemp plant. It is these extracts that also made people to start believing what traditionalists have been saying all along: cannabis does have therapeutic benefits.

The introduction of cannabis extracts and their use by people from all walks of life changed the perspective of the larger society towards the use of cannabis and cannabis products in the country.

This piece titled cannabis in South Africa talks all about this amazing plant and what it has done for the country.

Recently, and perhaps unrelated to the advent of CBD extracts in the country, the constitutional court of SA ruled that cannabis can be used at home. This decision is partly attributed to the efforts of the Dagga Party of South Africa which has since 2009 been advocating for marijuana users to have the same rights as tobacco and alcohol users.

It is expected that the decriminalization of cannabis will further change the views of more people towards the herb. It is also expected that the decriminalization will allow more people who need CBD to embrace it without the fear of discrimination or stigmatization.

As of now, South Africans are already seeing an increase in CBD in health stores. More and more stores and wellness shops are expected to begin stocking the powerful natural remedy. Sooner rather than later, the stores will also be stocking cannabis oil as cannabis has been decriminalized.

ZA has already seen a huge increase in dagga use ever since legalizing THC- but now they have to deal with the whole CBD scene which also has tons of users.

We recently encountered an article by the Alberton Record that says that the CBD compound found in dagga is legal to sell in South Africa for now.

And we think that the piece is rather reassuring on this matter concerning hemp.

If you are somebody who has more concerns about this topic of cannabidiol’s legality, however, then check out What South African businesses need to know about cannabis oil.

This Act lists all the substances that are banned in the country. Although Cannabis and its products are banned by the act, cannabidiol (CBD) is not expressly banned by the act. Hemp is also not banned by the Act. Therefore, hemp-derived CBD oil is perfectly legal in the country.

Moreover, the Constitutional Court recently decriminalized the use of marijuana derivatives. This is also expected to make it legal to use cannabis and cannabis-derived CBD products containing THC.