Could CBD Help Children With Autism?

This is a question many parents and guardians ask themselves. And for quite a long time, the answer has been “possibly”. However, more and more researchers are definitively saying that CBD can help treat even children with severe forms of autism.

In this article, we tell you about the exciting research results that have made so many people hopeful, the evidence that CBD is already helping children with autism all over the world and the best brand that parents should go for!

But before we get to these details, let’s first define the condition and its symptoms.

So what is autism?

Autism, officially Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a mental condition that affects individuals from childhood. It is manifested by communication difficulties, challenges in forming relationships and cognitive and learning difficulties.

Perhaps the worst thing about the disease is that it has no cure or treatment. Once it is discovered that a child has it, it can only be managed.

But the fact that you are reading this, means you most probably know that. At the same time, it also means that you are hopeful that there is something that can help.

The good news is that there is. Cannabidiol (CBD) – a natural compound found in the marijuana and hemp plants – is one of the many natural remedies that have in the past shown great promise in significantly suppressing the symptoms of ASD. But what does the science say? Scientific studies have shown very promising results.

cannabis oil
cannabis oil

The Scientific evidence that Cannabidiol can help manage autism

A major study that was published in the Molecular Autism Journal provides proof that CBD can be utilized in the treatment of autism.

The study is one of the several major studies around the globe that have proven that CBD can treat autism or reduce its manifestations in one way or the other.

The researchers in the study discovered that autistic children have very little naturally produced CBD (known as anandamide) when compared to non-autistic children.

They concluded that if lower levels of anandamide could cause autism symptoms, then it is very possible that increasing the levels with CBD could reverse the situation. 

Other related studies have proven this conclusion. Most of them were animal studies. They showed that administering CBD could improve the sociability of study subjects.

More researchers and scientists have done preliminary studies and are now in the process of doing clinical studies and other kinds of studies to authoritatively confirm the efficiency of CBD in treating autism.

Thus, on the science end, things are looking really positive.

Proof that children are already benefiting from CBD

Though science has given us clues and indications that CBD can rescue ASD children, science is always cautious. The language used is always measured.

We looked beyond science to find anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of CBD in treating ASD. Our quest was successful. We found out that dozens upon dozens of children had significantly reduced the presenting symptoms of ASD by taking CBD.

There is a single study that was done by Israel’s top researchers that showed that cannabis oil had helped to significantly suppress the autistic behavior of 80 percent of the children in the study.

This study is perhaps the best indication yet that marijuana oil does help treat autism.

The study included 60 children, which means it is a pretty decent study.

Several other proofs have been given and exist o by parents on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on mainstream media. Most of the proof involves the parents stating clearly that it is cannabis oil that helped to change the behavior of their children. That it is the oil that helped them.

Some other parents are using the opportunities to appeal to their governments to legalize marijuana or to support studies investigating how CBD oil can help cure or manage autism. 

The one brand that you should consider

Now that you know that there is great hope with regards to cure, we thought it was proper to show you a powerful Cannabidiol product that you could possibly try on your child. Remember, that this is not medical advice. It is just information aimed at raising awareness. The brand is CW hemp oil. You should definitely talk to your doctor about it before buying it for your child.

Hemp oil
Hemp oil

CW (Charlotte’s Web) Hemp oil is a Cannabidiol oil brand that is derived from hemp. It has a good Cannabidiol profile and was initially developed for a child named Charlotte Figi who had a rare brain syndrome (the Dravet syndrome) that could cause her several seizures a day.

The oil did help eliminate her seizures. She has now improved to the extent of going to regular school.

We think this is the oil you should consider because it was powerful enough and potent enough to affect the brain of the child and reduce her seizures. And we believe that this same kind of potency is what is needed to suppress autistic behaviors.

Check out in order to understand Cannabidiol better.

Moreover, the CW hemp oil has now been significantly improved since it was first developed. It is more potent, of premium quality, it is laboratory-grade, and it remains inexpensive.

Lastly, there are testimonials all over the interwebs of guys confessing how good the oil is.

There is really no harm in trying it. Just make sure you consult a medical professional before you do it.


From this article, it is clear that the marijuana oil is a powerful remedy. It is also clear that the oil can specifically help autistic children. The oil does this by directly increasing anandamide levels in ASD children. Children given marijuana oil have also experienced a significant reduction in their autistic behaviors. So there is plenty of hope.

However, there is no pharmaceutical drug yet. What you can do in the meanwhile is to consult your doctor about using CW Hemp oil to see if it can make any changes.

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