About Us – The King CBD Mission

king cbd facility

Here at King CBD we have a very simple mission statement which we will get to in a minute- but first we want to let you know how we came to be and what the team is currently working on.

The cannabis oil industry is obviously and booming and we recognized that South Africans need a trusted source for high-quality non-GMO hemp oils that meets their standards for quality.

All of our labs are kept the finest standards and we test every batch of CBD and cannabis products for contaminants as well as purity and terpene/cannabinoid spectrum profiles.

We put all of this in place because we did not want anybody to suffer without the hemp products that we know can change their life for the better.

That is why our Johannesburg facility, located in Braamfontein on Juta Street, is equipped with all the latest in CBD extraction technology and customer care systems.

Our Mission Statement

“To deliver the highest-quality, purest, contamination-free, and most potent CBD oil and cannabis products to South Africans for the express purpose of improving their lives and increasing their happiness.”
-King CBD

Meet Our Team

There are many people at work behind the scenes in the King CBD operation but here we present some of our leading figures so you can get to know the King company and the people who are currently making it possible to carry out our vision.

dylan jones

Dylan Jones

Dylan has been hard at work since day 1 to bring his vision for King CBD to life.

As the original founder and CEO, everything you see here the company doing is essentially at his instruction.

Some of his hobbies include exploring new natural remedies, going fishing with his wife and 3 kids, and endlessly tinkering with various new CBD formulations to find ones that he likes(he is a hemp product fanatic!).

samuel mellor operations manager

Samuel Mellor

Mr. Mellor has been the Operations Manager here at King CBD ever since we opened and he is great at his job.

In his free time he enjoys lifting weights, writing poetry, and testing out various terpene/cannabinoid combinations in the various released and unreleased King product lines.

He uses cannabidiol products to manage his anxiety and insomnia issues that he has suffered from ever since childhood.

zach andrews writer

Zachary Andrews

Zach has a blast writing all the blog content here and he loves every second of it.

Product descriptions, blog posts, other article content- you name it and he writes it.

Boasting multiple degrees in various writing disciplines from the University of Johannesburg, Mr. Andrews comes to the team with a wealth of experience in this area.

His passion for all things cannabis is also a personal thing to him- he enjoys CBD daily and loves exploring new products himself when they come out.

jamie angela

Jamie Angela

Ms. Angela is the official spokesperson and general contact representative here at King CBD. She handles all of our press releases and media inquiries.

In her spare time she enjoys white-water rafting, riding her bicycle, and playing with here 2 dogs who she likes to take on long walks on the beach.

She is a CBD fanatic herself and prefers broad-spectrum oils over full-spectrum ones, which is why she was a key part of our latest NewAge® product line, which currently features a tincture and a capsule product.

Getting In Touch With Us

You can use our contact form to send us a message or get in touch with us here:

King CBD
100 Juta St #283, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

(+27) 11 339 7838