CBD Oil In Pretoria – Legal Status, Where To Get, & More

Pretoria panorama
Pretoria City

Pretoria has long been heralded as a cannabis industry mainstay by many in the country.

The nation’s capital is also one of its most amazing cities. Pretoria is one of the two major cities in Gauteng and is quite popular for several reasons.

It has got a host of handsome state and historical buildings, several important monuments, national parks with amazing wildlife, and some great people.

More importantly, it has got some jacaranda-lined thoroughfares and suburban streets that turn the city purple when they bloom late in the year.

The city is one of the best in the continent and there is no arguing about that.

The one thing people did not know it had is cannabis oil. So many guys were asking us where they could buy CBD oil, so we decided to do a thorough search and we did find some great establishments selling the oil. This is the reason why we decided to come up with this article.

Top places where you can buy CBD oil in Pretoria

Cannabis Oil Therapy Pretoria (Location: Gezina, 0084 Pretoria, South Africa)

We put this shop first on the list for a reason – it is the number one cannabis oil shop in town. The thing about most cannabis shops in South Africa is that many are not willing to publicly advertise themselves because those who use marijuana are still a bit stigmatized in the country. However, the Cannabis Oil Therapy shop is different. They are proud of what they do and the oils they carry at their shop. Their staff will listen to you, assess your situation and give you the best cannabis oil for your condition. Basically, if you visit them you are more likely than not to get the help you need. Something else that cane said about this shop is that their products are top-rated.

Atomize (Location: Winifred Yell Street, 0042 Gauteng, South Africa)

Atomize is primarily an online vape shop. The store carries some of the dopest e-cigarettes and vape brands and smoking accessories. Apart from their smoking accessories, the store also carries some powerful and exciting natural oils including Cannabidiol oil. They also have a physical store at the location we have given above and appreciate visits from walk-in customers. When you visit the store, you will love their professionalism, their variety of products and the fact that they accept payments through a range of methods.

Natural Health Shop (Location: Moreletapark, Pretoria, South Africa)

They are one of the most popular health stores in town. We know for a fact that they’ve got a good number of repeat customers because one of our friends and his friends shop there regularly. He rates the shop very highly. According to him, the shop is not that large but it has a very good selection of popular and exotic health remedies. He also says that the shop has got some of the friendliest staff in town and that they are very helpful.

He is a guy we trust and when he says something is good it is usually very difficult to even doubt him. He says the shop is good and that it has some hemp oil. Therefore, if you live near Moreletapark, you should definitely give them a visit.

Best places to buy cannabis oil online


Hemp oil
Quality hemp oil

There are not many international CBD vendors that ship to Africa. However, Nuleaf Naturals is one of the few that actually do ship to Africa. In fact, the information on the FAQs page says they provide expedited shipping to South Africa!

Their products are made in the USA with some of the most experienced pharmaceutical professionals.

The company is also a member of several industry associations. This means that the company has committed itself to upholding the high standards set by the associations.

Therefore, if you are really in need of a premium quality cannabis oil product made in the USA, then you should go for Nuleaf products.

We like kingcbdoil.co.za/ obviously because it is our own (in addition to the fact that the information is on-point).

You might also be able to enjoy some discounts on their site, they usually run several promotions throughout the year.


If you want cheap but highly effective Cannabidiol products without any side effects, then look no further than CBDPURE!

This manufacturer is one of the fastest growing cannabis oil manufacturers in the US cannabis industry. They are growing fast because the company has got some good oils and great prices to boot.

To get the context of just how good their oils are, check these facts out. First, the oils are derived from specially selected strains of organic hemp known to have all the beneficial active ingredients. Thus, there is no way, you will take their oil and not notice any significant improvement.

Second, their CBD oils have terpenes. The terpenes are natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. They are known to enhance the therapeutic effect of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana and hemp plants. This boosting effect makes this manufacturer’s products some of the fastest acting.

Lastly, the company tests its products for harmful bacteria and pathogens, before releasing them. These quality assurance tests help to guarantee the safety of this manufacturers products.

Honestly, to us, they are one of the best sellers of CBD in the world.

What makes the Jacaranda city so popular?

Have you ever seen a city full of jacaranda trees blooming? Well, get to Pretoria anytime between late September and early December and you will fall in love with this city. The city streets are usually turned into lovely purple scenes that are so pleasing to the eyes.

This, plus the city’s famous monuments, its natural spaces and its wildlife, make it one of the greatest cities in South Africa.

And now, with the help of our list, the city just became even more popular as this list enables you to easily access the natural remedy.