Cape Town CBD Oil – Laws + Best Sources

Cape Town
Cape Town

One great thing about Cape Town is that the CBD scene has seen many recent advances here.

If you love life then you will definitely love Cape Town. This is because the town is a city full of life! It has got everything, you would find in every major global city. It has got a long fascinating history, fantastic people, gorgeous natural sceneries, majestic mountains, great sandy beaches, and fantastic modern infrastructure. The weather is also quite sunny almost all year round.

The most iconic attraction in Cape Town is the Table Mountain. It is not exactly in the city. In fact, the city is at the foot of the mountain but you get the idea!

But if you are feeling a bit down or you are experiencing some sort of pain, then you can’t really enjoy living in the city, can you? If there is some slight niggle that is preventing you from enjoying all the city has to offer, this article should sort you out. Read on to find out the best places to buy cannabis oil in town.

People that use CBD often say it is their favorite health remedy.

Best places to CBD oil in Cape Town

We’ve walked around, browsed online and checked reviews on Google to find you some of the best places to get cannabis oil in the city. Here they are:

420 Café (Location: 102 Sandton Drive, Off Jan Smuts Avenue, Lowveld, Cape Town)

As the name suggests, this is a cannabis café. In fact, it is one of the very first ones in sub-Saharan Africa. The café officially sales some fresh burgers, toasties, and pizzas. But there is a separate menu for those who want to indulge further to satisfy their natural need for weed. That other menu contains popular weed brands such as cannagars, moonrocks, Buddha, and lemon cheese. They have the weed in its natural form and in the form of marijuana oil. The establishment is also really cool and frequented by very decent characters. So you’ve got nothing to worry about when you visit them. People say both their oils and their foods are fairly good.

THE CBD OIL COMPANY (Location: 99 Gabriel Road, Plumstead, Cape Town)

This is perhaps the most premier CBD oil shop in the whole of the Western Cape. Although we are not sure whether they are the best shop in the entire country, what we are in no doubt of is the quality of their CBD oils. The company shop located at 99 Gabriel Road sells some of the best natural hemp-derived Cannabidiol oil in the entire globe. Their oils have no chemicals and no side effects. The oils are hands down some of the best health supplements for reducing pain, morning reinvigoration, better sleep, and better general wellbeing. However, a little bird has told us that their prices are not the most competitive. That they are a bit expensive compared to other stores.

Eirene Health Shop (Location: Vrede Street, Durbanville, Cape Town)

When you visit your general practitioner for treatment of some kind, you will kind of get some information about what you are suffering from and how to manage it with medicines and stuff like that. While that kind of information is appreciated, the wealth of information you will get at Eirene Health Shop is so much more. And while you should always only take medical advice from registered doctors, it doesn’t hurt to know more about how you can naturally treat or manage conditions. The shop has great natural health advisors plus some great natural remedies including hemp oil and vitamins.

Top Online CBD oil vendors in the US with fast shipping to South Africa


CBD pure products
CBDPURE products

Many people regard CBDPURE as one of the highest quality oils available on the market and from the evidence we are about to show you, you will know why it is difficult to argue with them.

First things first, their cannabis medicine is made from hemp which is legally grown in Colorado state to American standards. Moreover, the processing equipment and processes are also based on American standards.

Second, each supplement product from the company is tested for quality before being released onto the market. They are tested by both the company and an independent laboratory. This ensures that every product of theirs is of great quality.

The best fact about this company, however, is that their products have all the cannabinoids needed to restore internal bodily balance and to improve general health. So if you are feeling a bit off, it may be what you just need to feel great again.

Moreover, testimonials on the site and elsewhere also show that the company’s products are fantastic for improving learning, cognition, memory, and general mental health.

Lastly, the company’s products are said to be some of the most affordable marijuana-based remedies online.


Elixinol is the iPhone of the cannabis industry! The company is worth millions of dollars and it is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. That tells you how popular and credible they are.

In terms of products, Elixinol’s products are top of the range. They use natural hemp to make some of the most potent cannabis oil available in the world. They have got hemp farms and processing facilities in the United States and in Australia.

Their major CBD product is known as CBD Tincture and it is sold as a dietary supplement. The product is made using the most advanced extraction and processing machinery and has the best purity you could expect from CBD oil.

More importantly, you will love its healing power especially if you are in some sort of bodily pain or you are suffering from anxiety. It can also be utilized for morning reactivation like coffee but without coffee’s addiction.

What makes Cape Town one of the must-visit destinations in the whole world?

There are many reasons why “visit Cape Town” is on the bucket list of many a tourist. The city has so much life and has the iconic Table Mountains in its background. The views from the top of the mountain, the cable car tours, the fantastic beaches, the sea life, the wildlife and the city itself are some of the reasons why millions of tourists visit the city every year. Those tourists and the local Capetonians now also have the chance of living healthier lives courtesy of our list of cannabis oil vendors in the city.